Get this exclusive shirt

Donate $20 or more per month or fundraise $250 to get the exclusive Together #MNforStJude shirt. Thanks to you, our lifesaving work continues.

What is #MNforStJude?

A $1M fundraising challenge throughout all of Minnesota -- an emergency response from Giving Tuesday (typically the Tuesday after Thanksgiving) to the unprecedented need for unity and giving caused by COVID-10.

How can I get involved?

Log on to or text the keyword MINNESOTA to 626-252. Supporters who donate or fundraise more than $250 will also get the custom #MNforStJude campaign T-Shirt!

Can I still support, even if I don’t give?

Absolutely! We need to help spread the awareness and good work of St. Jude! You can create your own personal fundraising page on our website and ask friends and family to help you support this kids! Don’t forget, fundraisers who earn $250 will earn the #MNforStJude T-Shirt!

My company would like to get involved, how do we do that?

Awesome, we have plenty of partnership opportunities, including sponsorship and auction donations! Reach out to or 612.368.5804

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