2020 Radio Auction

Saturday, January 25 9am-2pm
102.3 KRCQ, 1340 KDLM, The Lakes 99.5
Buy: 218-847-5624 | Bid: 218-847-2001
Buy Online

The Radio Auction is back with hundreds of items to bid and buy including docks, boat motors, oil changes, food certificates, family fun and more! Beginning at 9am on Saturday, January 25 you'll be able to buy and bid on items and save hundreds or even thousands!

New items are added daily, so be sure to check out the items available at our Auction Website!


  • Items priced at less than $100 • bid raises in $2 increments
  • Items priced from $100-$500 • bid raises in $5 increments
  • Items priced from $500-$1,000 • bid raises in $10 increments
  • Items priced over $1,000 • bid raises in $20 increments

All items are new - any exceptions will be noted. Most of the bids will start at 50% of the item’s actual retail value, unless stated otherwise on the air. Once we receive the minimum opening bid, the item will be sold! Many of the lower priced items will be sold in a “shotgun” fashion. That is, the items will be sold for a set price and you may call or go online to place an order when instructed on-air to do so. All items must be paid for with cash, credit card, money order, or bank draft (personal checks accepted up to $500 with proper ID at the KDLM studios, 1340 Richwood Road, Detroit Lakes or by mail; Radio Auction, P.O. Box 746, Detroit Lakes, MN 56502) on or before noon on Friday, January 31, 2020. Any items not picked up by this date will be reauctioned. The purchase price on all auction items will be determined solely by Leighton Broadcasting. You may bid on and purchase as many items as you wish. All sales are final. Listen for special details on auction items and their values. Purchased items may be picked up beginning Monday, January 27th. Hours for pickup are 8:30am to 4:30pm.

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